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you can contact me via email: kb6rxe at pacbell.net (replace at with @) Image directory Link to CL2
Colloq LT The book: cl.zip
Colloq LT The audio:cl_mp3.zip
Link to Beginner's Lithuanian lessons These are the lessons Aldona and I recorded using the Beginner's Lithuanian text
Link to Intoduction to Modern LT Larry's scans
Beginner's LT and Introduction to Modern LT are the same book Intro has better scans.
Beginners LT The book :Beginner's Lithuanian.pdf
Beginners LT The audio:078180678X_mp3_Lithuanian.zip
Po Truputi:zip file, a Windows program
history:The Lithuanian Language: Traditions and Trends
Crazi Lassi's diphthongs:diphthongs.avi

here are a series of videos which show how different Baltic languages express similar ideas

Language on the moveLithuanian
Language on the moveDanish
Language on the moveSwedish
Language on the moveFinnish
Language on the moveEstonian
[image] [image]
Lovely LTLovely LT: a fun Youtube video about the Karaims
======> written words to our song:song.html
======> spoken words to our song:words.mp3
======> spoken words to our song with pauses:words with pauses
======> the song:song.mp3

another good source of practice audio material is Lithuanian Outloud

Grammar Summary


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this is Lietuva Brangi

This is the prayer the students at St. Casimirs say at the beginning of class
Aldona reads prayer:malda_with_pauses
Here is the text of the prayer:malda

čia yra daina, mes dainuosime 2012 Kaledų programoje
Christmas song read:xmas.mp3
Christmas song sung:xmas2.mp3
Christmas song text:song text
Lords prayer read:lords_prayer.mp3 Link to Saturday KTYM radio show
tyl: tyl.zip
Lithuanian Bible: bible.pdf
Lithuanian books: LT.zip

Illative Case [image]

Link to Easy Way to Lithuanian